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Poem Link - A Very Small Animal Entirely Surrounded by Water

Type: Poem
Source: The Atlantic

. . .
[music | oil | trash] filled our rivers
stayed up for the after [party | life | math]
the forests were [protected | sold | ash]
wrote [letters | checks | ads] against corruption
blamed [science | systems | depression] for our cities
when the [oceans | fires | droughts] came
when the [rains | bomb | flu] came
when the [weather | weather | weather] came
we [weathered | welcomed | watered] it
we were [prepared | shocked | responsible]
. . .

  • This is perfect. Poetry is/as code.

  • I wish I was actively writing poetry and had thought to write a poem like this. I wished for this kind of a poem back in college. I now wish I had followed through with writing such things instead of wishing and being distracted.

  • Planning to do NaNoWriMo this November but just write weird poem and essay drafts and whatever I want instead of a traditional fiction narrative. I think I can make that work.

  • Each of these thoughts should probably be their own little post, but I think I’m burying them on purpose here. Everything on and about my site is already obscured and hidden. A secret garden?

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