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I’m using this ‘music’ topic page as my first proof of concept in my move towards focusing on static pages on this website (i.e. “digital gardening”), because I already started a static collection of my favorite music of 2022 that I’ve wanted to feature. Now it will live here, and I’ll soon feature this topic and/or collection on the home page.

Music Updates

Posted: 2022.07.02

I’ve obsessively scrobbled most of my music listening to last.fm for about 14 years now, but I wanted to start a listening log that allows for more context and notes. So, here it is. Below you will find, beginning in July 2022, a weekly listening log, as well as links to any other specific posts about listening to music.

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My Favorite Music of 2022

Posted: 2022.02.21

Running log of my favorite albums and musical works released in 2022. It will be updated throughout the year, and even after.

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