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How to Build a Trail

In our backyard we have a little hill/bluff down to a creek, but no easy way to get down there. I’ve decided to build a simple rustic step trail down, and here is how I think I’m going to go about it.

How to Build Rustic Garden Stairs ⚒ | Give It a Grow
How to Build Rustic Trails for Free | Give It a Grow
How To Build Wooden Steps To Prevent Erosion On Your Hill | How To Video Channel

…and a couple of picture ideas I saw on Pinterest1 and probably shouldn’t repost here, but will anyway as sketchy bespoke “re-pins” …

[ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/2392606043808484/ ]

[ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/110901209566643332/ ]

  1. which reminds me that someday I want to build some kind of simple screencapture/image-saving bookmarking setup for this website, because I don’t want to mess with Pinterest anymore. ↩︎

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