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And Then, BOOM! by Lisa Fipps

And Then, BOOM! - Cover
Date Started: 2024-06-09
Date Finished: 2024-06-11
Times Read: 1
Genre / Strand: middle grade novel in verse, realistic, contemporary
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Fipps has mastered the novel as an empathy-building machine, for sure.

Characters young and old who exemplify how to be a friend and helper as well as how not to be. Her free verse makes for an easy entry-point to an undaunting read. Serious subjects but so accessible; hard things not played for melodrama or exploitation.

Makes me want to be a better community member and friend to people. First thing I looked up this morning after finishing the book late last was discovering if there are little free pantries already in my community I could donate to - I love the idea of a place for sharing and taking with no intermediary, no questions asked, no “accountability” or “relationship” required to get the help that you need.

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