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a hike!

My knee has recovered enough that I went on somewhat of an actual hike!

Luna helping me navigate the aspens on the mountainside

A Moffitish mountainside forest

tree mountain

View to a Moffitish Peak

(That Moffitish peak in the background here is the destination I was aiming for, but I only got half way up.)

I ended up bushwhacking a bunch and felt like I should turn around before actually getting to the peak I was hoping to reach, but I went almost 3 miles with an elevation gain of 1100+ feet, without a trail over half of the way.1

Considering that two or three weeks ago I didn’t even want to go up a flight of stairs, this was pretty good. My knee has relapsed a little bit since, but I think it will still be fine.

  1. I like using AllTrails to navigate and track my hikes in realtime, but I’m keeping the map and recording of this hike private since I started in private land and went off trail extensively. ↩︎

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