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Joshua Whiting



I am building this web site as a place to collect and share things I’m working on, as well as my random obsessions. This old “about” page originally served as my single-page first draft/iteration. The site you are viewing is my third iteration, which has some additional features to be found by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner of the page.

About this Project

I’m using this site to learn more about web development and design. I’m tired of silos and bloated content management systems, so I’m trying to be more DIY and Indieweb.

This is my third draft/iteration of the site, using the W3.CSS framework to build out custom theming and templating for the the Hugo static site generator, hosting the final product via Github and Netlify.

My next step will be building out a template and multi-page publishing capabilities, likely with Jekyll. My next steps will be creating a custom taxonomy, fully indiewebifying this site, and more navigational features, and possibly incorporating a photo blog section. I’m also thinking about building a hyper-narcissitic, cross-platform lifestream/microblog with Known and/or Micro.blog.


Yes, I am trying for a vaguely Wordperfect 5.1 aesthetic. I think I’m doing this because it puts me back to when I was a tween writing things and creating stuff on an old 286 in the basement. It was already an ancient computer even then. Fonts are currently IBM Plex Mono and Merriweather Serif, both via Google Fonts.

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