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Two Hands

![Two Hands, by Big Thief - Album Cover](/notes/2019/10/Two Hands, by Big Thief - Album Cover.jpg)

If I had a ‘Favorite Albums of 2019’ list I’d be adding Big Thief’s new album Two Hands to that list.

I can’t think of a band that seems more devoted to the work right now than Big Thief. This is their second release this year, and it seems they’ve been touring and recording almost nonstop for several years now.

*Of course I have a ‘Favorite Albums of 2019’ list. It is sitting partway created in a post draft, and it will be absolutely epic, just like every other unfinished thing in my life. The intended epic-ness is of course a big part of why these things never get finished. I’m over that now, though; I’m just sharing stuff in quasi-realtime now.

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