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Balloons Outside My Cubicle Window

I made this super-inspiring video and just had to put it somewhere in the archives, and this is that somewhere.

The funny thing was that one day a whole bunch of balloons actually did float up outside my cubicle window in exactly this way. I didn’t get a video of them when it was real, so this was an animated re-creation of that moment.

The real balloons had what appeared to be postcards tied to them, so I believe that some students from the elementary school adjoining my building must have been doing that thing where you tie a pre-stamped postcard to a balloon and let it off to see if you ever get the postcard back from someone but instead you just cause a duck to choke to death or something.

(This was just for a work blog post to illustrate how simple it is to edit video in Windows 10 and add silly effects and animations.)

Balloons Outside My Cubicle Window - 1 Balloons Outside My Cubicle Window - 2

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