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I am on screenpage 455 of 1034 of The Overstory, by Richard Powers, reading it on my phone.

Past notes and updates on the occasion of my reading The Overstory by Richard Powers:

  • It turns out I actually love reading books on my phone, especially large books. (Recently read Jemisin’s whole Inheritance Trilogy on my phone. It’s a habit now.) [8/1/2021]

  • This book is kind of the Moby Dick for trees. Meaning, this book is tree-obsessed in the way that Moby Dick is whale-obsessed. Not that I’ve ever read more than 33% of the way through Moby Dick - yet. I read enough to find that it was completely whale-obsessed. Kind of want to join one of those Moby Dick readathons some year. Actually, that is completely untrue - I don’t want to sit around listening to other people read Moby Dick, I want to do my own personal readathon of Moby Dick. [8/1/2021]

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