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Going to start posting one new thing (or new-old thing) each day here on my website. I’m finally moving to make this little place my central home on the web, an activity archive, etc.

A daily new thing might be:

  • a new or old photograph
  • a book or article I’m reading
  • music I’m listening to
  • a film I watched
  • a video game I played
  • some random thought or thing I did
  • a thing I bought and liked
  • a place I went
  • a recipe I used
  • a page from my notebook
  • a notice if I write something or make something that is more than a brief note
  • a reposting of an item from one of my old, defunct websites or social media accounts
  • whatever else I feel like or think of to share

I always talk big that I am going to start doing this sort of thing, and then I fall off the face of the Internet again. We will see if this time is different - one important change is that I am fully at peace with everything just being over here in my little corner of the Internet. I’m no longer concerned with propagating or syndicating my stuff anywhere else; I’m truly getting over my involvement with most of the silos. This will be my personal archive, available just in case anyone ever happens to look here.

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