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this winter break

this winter break

I was going to
write a bunch
revamp my website
establish good
for the coming year

but I didn’t really do those things

and though I didn’t
do them I can’t seem to
let the idea of
still doing

so it may still happen
just not necessarily
in concert with
an arbitrary
Gregorian year change
or an extended time
off work

so what did I do?

passed Wandersong

read some YA fiction

and read some Franz Kafka, which feels a little bit like YA fiction to me but only because the last time I read Kafka was when I was myself in the “teen/young adult” demographic

took the kids sledding

made masaman curry

made french toast

made sweet pork barbacoa for in-laws’ Christmas taco party (recipe pending here in these URLs because I’ve made it too much my own to link to where I started from)

engaged in various obligatory Christmas preparations and celebrations

shoveled actual snow (I don’t remember if that ever even had to happen even once last winter)

read from an ever increasing number of newsletters (reading links forthcoming)

(even though I’ve deleted my Facebook account and logged out of my personal Instagram and Twitter accounts on my phone I still somehow managed this – my persistent traps / points of weakness are the Apple News app and the notifications I still get for work social media accounts)

and then there’s bandcamp exploration, which I don’t quite consider doom scrolling, though at times there I do scroll through actual doom

So I guess I actually did
do a few things that might be
worth sharing and linking
or potentially expounding upon

but I’ve limited
myself to this
with no audience
and haven’t
sorted that
out yet

instead of waiting
or deleting
or further retreating
or plotting out
some clear future
for this website
and my writing
and my social
media participation

I will just try
by improvising
as I go
with whatever form
feels right
or useful
or interesting
in the moment

Saturday, January 1, 2022
Millcreek, Utah

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