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Home and Taxonomy Updates (March 20, 2022)

  1. Updated the home page of this site today, adding prominent links to RSS feeds, a gallery of recent post images, and returning a link to the “Featured / Longer Things” post collection. Now I need to update the front matter of all the other missing posts that belong in that “featured” collection.

screenshot of joshuaw.xyz home page on 3/20/2022

And with the images back I feel like I should start taking and posting more photographs of things other than just screenshots and shit I bought.

  1. Also updated the Tree of Life, a.k.a. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a.k.a. Site Taxonomy page, improving styling and adding toggle buttons to make each element collapsible. This will be extremely useful to me, if to no one else, as my next job here is to clean up and standardize all the taxonomical front matter in old posts. This will be the authority.

screenshot of joshuaw.xyz tree of life / site taxonomy page

(This is the first attempt at me posting status updates in the notes feed when I make changes to a static page. I got this idea from maya.land as a possible solution to the problem I described in “My Revisionist History” the week before last. I have another essay or whatever mostly drafted about my evolution and plans on future site organization, inspired in part by exploring Maya’s and other people’s web pages, but I don’t know when/if that will see the light of day. I do need to do more learning on digital gardens and whatnot.)

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