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I apparently live in a version of the internet where Derrida’s 1995 lecture-turned-book Archive Fever is trending.

Not long ago, in thinking about the various possibilities of nonfiction writing (more exploration on that later on this site if I turn this into a real digital garden and get around to it) I suddenly recalled reading Derrida’s Dessemination back as a college sophomore in Intro to Critical Theory with a weird sort of fondness for the puns and linguistic games he played. That playfulness kind of infuriated me at the time, but now I think I’m ready for it. (Also the stakes are low for me now - I don’t have a grade to get.) I thought I should maybe read it again or try some more Derrida sometime, just for kicks and weird writing ideas. Looks like Archive Fever may be the thing to read.

I found it, or some version of it, on JSTOR: https://www.jstor.org/stable/465144

(You can read 100 articles a month for free on JSTOR if you are not associated with an institution of higher learning or library which provides access to JSTOR, and I am not associated with such an institution. Like I said, stakes are low.)

Or you could probably find a PDF by a little Googling and clicking around on stuff. A sketchy link to some artist’s PDF download that was probably for some old class and that they probably don’t even realize is publicly accessible seems like an appropriate way to access something called Archive Fever, anyway.

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