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On spending Saturday afternoon driving around two counties in the…

On spending Saturday afternoon driving around two counties in the rain making returns of dumb shit I bought online that doesn’t fit or that I don’t really need, and on being too self conscious to go to the art museum and go in with wet clothes on the last day of an exhibition I wanted to see, even though I was just a few blocks from it and going there was my original plan

  • Most of the new music that I queued up to listen to while driving was unfortunately not that exciting to me

  • Parley’s Canyon was stunning in the rain - the wisps of clouds hanging around the peaks and trailing up the side canyons, the wet washed sandstone faces several shades darker than their familiar sunbleached appearance, the scrub oak leaves just humming with so much green, thick life

  • I hydroplaned four times, but I recovered before crashing every time and I’m okay

  • I think I’ve finally cracked the textile-encoded messages letting me know that J. Crew and J. Crew “Factory” actually just don’t want short, fat people to wear their clothes

  • I don’t care about going into Target with wet clothes from the rain

  • I don’t care about going back out into the rain after shopping in Target, since I was able to cover my purchases so they wouldn’t get ruined

  • I do I guess care about going into an art museum with wet clothes from the rain, but maybe that was just an excuse to indulge my self-consciousness

  • I can hopefully browse and buy the artist’s book associated with the exhibition later, which is what I probably actually really wanted

  • I have several hundred dollars coming off my credit card balances now

  • I maybe should have stopped somewhere and taken pictures - I drove that way because I had to return some things to one of the “factory stores” by Park City, and I guess all in all it was worth it

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