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Now (February 26, 2019)

Some of the things I’m working on and thinking about these days…

  • I’ll be attending the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology and the Utah Educational Library Media Association conferences next week.

  • I’m chairing the Children’s Fiction Committee for the Beehive Book Awards. We’ll be announcing the nominees for the 2020 awards in sessions at said UELMA conference next week. I probably really should be crafting 45 second booktalks right now.

  • I’m building out this website, with the aim of it becoming a central home for all my personal content and activity on the world wide web. I’m building it mostly from scratch to force myself into learning more about web design and coding.

  • I’m trying out this Coaching Digital Learning MOOC from the Friday Institute.

  • I’m gearing up to transfer content, create tutorials, and curate new digital resources as our district phases out an old digital video platform at the end of this year.

  • I’m just finishing up an exhaustive listen through the discography of Sonic Youth. Up next (actually already started) are Outkast and Parliament-Funkadelic.

  • Though we are now deep into 2019, I continue to plug away at the 2018 Film School Drop Outs Challenge on Letterboxd.

This page was last updated on February 26, 2019.

Props for the ‘now’ page concept go to Derek Sivers. I had envisioned a page of this sort for my new website, but my concept was vague and I didn’t have a clear way forward until I happened upon someone with a ‘now’ page and followed the trail back to the source. I think you should make one too.

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