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Now (July 7, 2019)

Some of the things I’m working on and thinking about these days…

  • I’m still tinkering with this website, but I’m going to start sharing things from it on social media networks, and basically publicly acknowledge its existence.

  • Taking some actual time off work to take my kids on adventures big and small, and to give my wife a break since the kids are home all day every day right now.

    • Big adventure example: camping by the Colorado River outside Moab and Arches National Park.
    • Small adventure example: riding bikes yesterday at a nature park by our neighborhood. Well, they rode bikes and I mostly sat at a bench and wrote in a notebook.
  • I’m in serious summer project mode at work, when I’m at work. Right now I’m about to set up a new theme and revamp a lot of things at granitemedia.org so that the site can be more secure and functional, and hopefully a bit easier to read and navigate. Beyond that, I am generally attempting to learn, fix, and improve a lot of things I often can’t make the time for during the school year.

  • I’m chairing the Children’s Fiction Committee for the Beehive Book Awards again next year. Right now we are in summer reading mode, just finding potential nominations for the 2021 long list which we will meet to determine in the fall.

  • Just finished up a month four months of listening exclusively to music made by women. Best listening project I’ve ever done, though I didn’t know quite how to end it.

  • Currently on a deep dive into the films and art of Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Taking a little break from my Film School Drop Outs 2018 Challenge.

This page was last updated on July 7, 2019. See my prior ‘now’ updates here.

Credit for the ‘now’ page concept goes to Derek Sivers. I had envisioned a page of this sort for my new website, but my concept was vague and I didn’t have a clear way forward until I happened upon someone with a ‘now’ page and followed the trail back to the source. I think you should make one too.

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