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Now and Next (January 1, 2024)

Some things I’m working on and thinking about now…



  • Winter break is almost gone - I’m returning to work later this week.

  • Taking up snowshoeing.

  • Might still actually plant perennial/wildflower seeds in my front garden on New Year’s Day in hopes they will cold stratify in the ground and sprout in the coming spring and summer.

  • Create and update activity logs on this website and on topic-specific social media platforms such as AllTrails, Goodreads, Last.fm, and Letterboxd.

  • Cultivate a more consistent writing and learning practice through notemaking and zettelkasten-ish methods, and share some of the results on this website.

This page was last updated on January 1, 2024. See my prior ‘now’ updates here.

Credit for the ‘now’ page concept goes to Derek Sivers. I tend to get aspirational when I update it, so I’ve decided to embrace that by calling it ‘now and next.’

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