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Miscellaneous Reading Updates

This page gathers miscellaneous and one-off reading updates.

Try the Books page for a list of books that feature their own discrete pages with extended notes, quotes, etc.


Posted: 2022.11.27

Two books standing on a desk - The Door of No Return by Kwame Alexander and The Last Mapmaker by Christina Soontornvat

Finished reading Kwame Alexander’s The Door of No Return last night, and then started on Christina Soontornvat’s The Last Mapmaker. (I’m only at ~8% on Mapmaker so I’m breaking my self-imposed “only post an update if you are at least 20% of the way through the book” rule.)

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Reading Update - November 26, 2022

Posted: 2022.11.26

Finished reading Windswept by Margi Preus last night, and then started in on The Door of No Return by Kwame Alexander [~35%].

Getting into an active reading mode with books of my own choosing. It has been awhile.

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Nightreading Nightcrawling Moonwalking

Posted: 2022.08.21

Image of Nightcrawling physical book and Moonwalking digital cover on my phone on my desk in the dim lamp light tonight

Currently Reading: Moonwalking [29%]

by Zetta Elliot and Lyn Miller-Lachmann

[currently reading - started on 2022.08.19]
[Granite Sora ebook copy]

Currently Reading: Nightcrawling [28%]

by Leila Mottley

[currently reading - started on 2022.08.18]
[SLCO Library physical copy]
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Reading Loveless

Posted: 2022.07.04

I admit, I absolutely thought this was a graphic novel that I was going to blaze through in an hour, until the moment I opened it the other night and found almost 400 pages of un-illustrated, small-font text. Started reading it anyway.

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