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The New Taxonomy of the JdwhitingDotCom/Froz-T-Freez Internetical Multiverse Drive-In

I’m retconning my website. I might as well be transparent about it. I feel like my lack of consistently sharing anything out from this site to the wider Internet*, along with the fact that it is my little corner of the Internet and I can do whatever I want with it (and that’s kind of the whole point) gives me the freedom to add, change, shuffle, and randomly publish new posts as though they were several months backdated, as well resurrect content from my old zombie websites, &c.

Old Josh’s Froz-T-Freez Masthead

This site, https://jdwhiting.com, shall become the center of a new and expanded JdwhitingDotCom/Froz-T-Freez Drive-In Internetical** Multiverse. Will this center be a singularity? A black hole? I don’t know yet, it remains to be seen. It’s a bizarre exercise done in darkness, but nevertheless it is going to be an ongoing aspect of this project since I plan to use this site as my personal all-inclusive internet archive.

STAR-except that one time I discovered that some old IFTTT recipe I had set up and forgotten about had suddenly started working properly and shared out some of my new website posts to Twitter without me realizing it and before I was ready to share. Maybe I should retcon my Twitter account, too.

STAR-STAR-I needed a word that means “of or relating to the Internet” and I came up with “internetical.”" I’m not convinced it is the best option, but I am convinced we need such an adjective for the Internet. Now I’m thinking about Magic and Loss, Virginia Heffernan’s brilliant book about the Internet as art, and I’m pretty sure that I wrote a review of it somewhere one time that I need to port onto this site so that I can link to it. It is for reasons such as this that I’m attempting this work. She likely has a perfect word for “of or relating to the internet” within that book and I’ve just forgotten it.

STAR-STAR-STAR-I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to do footnotes in markdown yet.

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