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It’s an intended project of this website, but currently I’m not sure to what extent I want to re-share old photos and posts from prior websites, social media accounts I don’t use anymore, or just random things from my photo library or ideas and happenings noted down that I never got around to sharing in the first place. And if I do share them, should I have a system or chronology to the sharing, or just rely on randomness and serendipity? Re-post them now as fresh posts, or backdate them to when they occurred?

In the meantime, here are three photos I took of rocks and desert in October 2007 in Emery County, Utah. I was somewhere north of the Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Wash, not quite yet understanding the scope of the country I was about to drive into. They are some of the oldest digital photos I still have, I think. Posting these as a test to see what it feels like to randomly post really old stuff.

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