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Unknown Pleasures

I read this 33 and ⅓ entry on Unknown Pleasures and then re-listened to pretty much every track Joy Division ever recorded.

Picture of the book Unknown Pleasures by Chris Ott, about Joy Division Screenshot of my Joy Division discography playlist in Apple Music

I’ll say that this book was better and more detailed than just reading Wikipedia. It seemed to have good research, had its moments of good writing, and didn’t romanticize the end of Curtis' life as much as a lot of what I found when I scrolled through this copyright-infringing fan blog. And that’s okay.

The night that I scrolled through that blog turned out to be the eve of the anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death. It was eerie. Or maybe I was the one romanticizing things.

Love will tear us apart in stone

I think that would have been around the time I also ordered this weird t-shirt, which I now have in my possession but have not yet worn.

Joyful Visions - Utahn Pressures

He that hath an ear, let him hear

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