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Links Last Week Not Happening Sort Of

The first “links last week” still isn’t really happening today - I didn’t keep up with it other than the first day of the week, which happened to be the 4th of July.

I guess I could still post the links I did note at the first of the week, because a couple of them are really good, though a bit dependent on the “Independence Day” context. Find them after the jump.

Article or Link Title | Author or Creator

Miscellanea - Wonderful Random Internet Things

HOW 2 SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE AND OTHERTHINGS even if you accidentally set everything on fire | Katie Alice Greer and maybe some other people.

Notes: An old comic/collage/zine tumblr that I found and scrolled through and laughed at a lot. Found while clicking around on https://www.katiealicegreer.com trying to make some sense of her new album Barbarism, which I’ve listened to twice now and will probably be listening to more times, though I’m not sure whether I actually enjoy it or not yet.


“Dependence Day” | John Daniel

Source: Poetry Foundation Poem of the Day Newsletter

Notes: I then of course had to read the other John Daniel poems from the November 1990 issue of Poetry.

Food / Travel

“The Challenges that Keep Asian Chefs from Cooking How They Want” | Esther Tseng

Source: Bon Appétit

Note: I get this random daily email/newsletter from Condé Nast (I don’t remember signing up for it) that has links to a bunch of articles from their different magazines. There is almost always at least one I read, and then I start clicking around in the magazine’s website after. Thus, this and the next link.

“Oakland Is America’s New Queer Food Capital. Here’s Where to Eat” | Ray Levy Uyeda.

Source: Bon Appétit

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