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RE: Scattering

It has only been two days since I started posting on my site again and also syndicating the posts to various places, and I’m finally ready to admit:

  1. it is in fact a huge pain in the ass to use Hugo as a microblog (at least the way I have mine set up)
  1. my syndications to twitter and tumblr don’t quite work like I hoped they would, and I’m not sure what the point of them is, even if I could get them working better

  2. I started obsessively looking at my old twitter account feed yesterday after being off it for a couple of years, and I think I still don’t want to re-engage with that at this point in time

My micro.blog syndication works okay, but I’m not following anyone there offficially and probably not posting stuff that will get featured in their “discover” feed. Still flirting with the idea of going all-in on micro.blog, though, because it would be easy and because whenever I look at the discover feed I learn stuff and am inspired by the people who share there. Have followed a bunch of people I’ve found there via RSS or newsletter subscriptions.

I admit I also still learned stuff from scrolling my old twitter feed yesterday, but I also saw a whole lot of garbage and got nearly sucked into several dramas and controversies that don’t actually concern or interest me. It took too much time and drained too much energy sifting for gold on twitter. I need to go through all my good twitter follows and find their blogs or what not, move the ones I like into RSS where I can avoid some of the junk.

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