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It feels like the last days of social media, looting, anarchy, the scattering of peoples and the confounding of languages, so I feel like I can post again with abandon now. Posts no longer feeling chiseled in stone, but wandering snowflakes that might melt away at any moment. Or maybe just blobs of semi-melted snow.

Also, my newish co-worker is motivated about sharing positive school library things and encouraged us to start posting stuff on our work social media accounts again, which helped me realize that posting things is not that big of a deal, and that I had built it up into a weirdly huge deal both professionally and personally.

So, I’m posting on my website again, and I’m setting up goofy RSS-triggered processes to syndicate those posts to micro.blog, tumblr, and ye olde twitter. These are the places I want to play around with for now, and this is the first test to see what happens with my syndication.


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