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20220718 Changelog

I’m playing around with reorganizing almost my entire site into topic- and theme-based files and folders on the back end.

With keeping my new “digital garden” off to the side of the rest of my content, I can’t decide where to put things. It feels redudant; so I’m making the whole site into the garden.

Keeping most of my content in a chronological organization just doesn’t make sense anymore for the direction I want to take this site. I’ve successfully set up “stream”/“recent updates” pages and an RSS feed that pull in all the new or newly-updated posts chronologically, regardless of where in the folder structure they are located.

I’ll gradually start gathering files together that go together topically/thematically or as series. Posts clearly about music will all go together. Changelogs will all go together. Reading updates all go together. Within the reading updates, notes about a specific book all go together. Things about my backyard all go together. Random surreal essay-poem-list things (I should have more of those) all go together. If something doesn’t have a clear focus or is all over the place, maybe it will stay in the chronological notes folders?

I’ll continue the taxonomy as-is but it will just be a secondary way to make more connections between things. The whole site will be a garden; displaying whether something is a “digital garden”-type entry or note will be a matter of unique templating/post-types. I’m going to have to play around with the templating a lot more now. Always be cataloging and meta-ing, I guess…

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