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Changelog - 2022.08.11

2022.08.11 (committed)

  • Added a [more of ‘Title’] link at the bottom of the main microblogish rss index
  • Added [more/less] buttons to recent updates on homepage and ‘new/now’ list pages
  • Improvements to the functionality of the ‘recent images’ section of the home page
  • Moved ‘links’ into their own main section

2022.07.22 (committed)

Related still to-do

  • Standardize [more/less] functionality across all list pages
  • Create a standard ‘gallery’ partial
  • Re-create the jdw-gallery page (page showing just the images I consider to be my own creations not stealing/screenshotting/remixing
  • Standardize breadcrumbs across all templates
  • Update templates
  • Much more post/static page reorganization
  • Fix and standardize image tags in all old posts

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