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Joshua Whiting


joshuawxyz changelog 20240101

Cleaning up a bit to begin actively using and sharing this site in 2024.

  • Home page:
    • slightly modified introductory blurb
    • created a placeholder for my unfinished “Why he/they?” essay
    • created a “Featured Note” section on the home page and populated it using a new taxonomic parameter
    • temporarily reduced numbers of ‘recent updates’ displayed so that only updates that are actually recent are displayed
    • temporarily hid gallery images until I share more recent images in future updates
    • temporarily hid the “Featured / Longer Things” links as I evaluate whether I want to feature those things going forward.
  • Updated the menu, clearing out “digital garden references”
  • Updated the header to display differently on all pages except the home page
  • Updated the title and blurb for the taxonomy tree page
  • Updated the ‘Now’ page, making it a ‘Now and Next’ page

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